Container Return Program

Because of COVID-19, we are not accepting containers at this time for our own health and safety. We encourage everyone to clean and hang onto their containers for now! We will notify everyone when we reinstate our container return program.


We love to reuse and reduce waste!

For customers wanting to reduce their footprint and receive a discount on their next purchase, we'll be messaging you with a unique one-time use coupon for 5% off your entire purchase.

For customers outside of Regina, 

Containers eligible for return are: 

  • Aluminum spray bottles
  • Glass bottles (all kinds)
  • Glass and black plastic jars

As a courtesy to us, please make sure you: 

  • Clean out the container as best you can (we mean no residue!) It's hard on our dishwasher and our resources to have to soak and scour all of our containers, so please make sure you've given it a thorough washing! 
  • Remove the labels - VERY important. 
  • For lids that have a foam liner, simply pinch together and discard the foam liner, or use a butter knife to slip it out. 
  • Discard plastic pumps and sprayers; we don't have the infrastructure to reuse these pieces at this time.
  • Keep and clean screw top lids to return