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IMO, there's nothing better than the feeling of scrubbing off my face after a long day. And finally blogging on the Naked Kitty Naturals blog!

It's amazing: our skin is the largest organ on your body, actually ON your body!

We all know the schpiel: our skin is your foundation for your makeup, take care of it, and remember that what you put on your skin, your body eats, and what you eat you wear on your skin, blah blah blah. Admittedly, the latter took me a while to learn.

In this post I'll go through the components of a typical skincare routine.

In succession:

Cleanser: Pretty straightforward! I particularly like using cleansing oil (see Tea Tree Cleansing Oil); it works well to remove makeup, sticks to dirt and oil without disrupting the natural pH of your skin. I use a gentle bar cleanser in the AM and the Tea Tree Cleansing Oil in the PM. Oil sticks to dirt, wash oil off, right? It takes some getting used to, but it's worth it.

Toner: Is a water-based skincare product, sometimes found in a spray/mist bottle. I like to spritz it on my face after I've dried off from cleansing. If I feel my skin is being particularly finicky, I'll mist it on my face, wipe it off with a cotton pad to pick up the excess cleanser, then mist again before moisturizing. It's safe to apply morning and night, especially if it's alcohol-free, and will close pores, remove excess cleanser and improve the longevity of your moisturizer. This step is particularly useful for oily skin, since it'll help you use less moisturizer.

Serum: Optional, but great if your skin is dry as a step between toner and moisturizer. Serums typically concentrated active ingredients, in our case, anti-inflammatory essential oils (German chamomile), repairing essential oils (frankincense and helichrysum), and hydrators (vitamin E oil). A little goes a long way!

Moisturizer: After cleaning your face a little barrier to protect it from the outside world is all you need now! Oily or dry, it's good to slap on: moisturizer is a big drink for the skin on your face. Go for a moisturizer that's non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).

In case you need a step-by-step breakdown, click here

Happy skin day! Your epidermis is showing.

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