Crazy in the Coconut!

Naked Kitty Naturals has an important public service announcement:

Coconut oil does not belong on your face! Keep in in your kitchen pantry, not on your vanity!

Important note: If you're seeing a dermatologist, do what they say: they are trained professionals with a lot more experience and understanding of skincare than your friends, myself or your mom...unless your mom is a dermatologist, then listen to her ;)

Shortly before I started making natural products, I, like everyone else, thought coconut oil was the greatest thing to ever grace this Earth. I was reading to learn about raw materials and their different properties, and learned quickly that coconut oil is awful for your skin and hair. It's amazing what the masses think is actually good for your skin will hurt it long-term. Le sigh.

The "why coconut oil isn't that great for you" discussion comes up a lot in my business. Short and simple, it clogs pores. I make a point of mentioning that the Naked Kitty skincare line is coconut oil free and non-comedogenic (aka, not pore clogging). If you have skin (and you will if you're human!), coconut oil does not belong on it. And in your hair: it can cause protein buildup and make your hair stiff and brittle.

Refinery 29 has some words about this hyped oil; coconut oil is an "occlusive moisturizer", meaning it'll trap moisture beneath skin, along with all of the other fun things that moisture does when it can't escape, like bacteria that will breed into a zillion other bacterias (yuck).

I've had many friends tell me they've woken up with cystic acne, large pores, and exacerbated blackheads after a few days of using coconut oil as a primary moisturizer. This YouTuber / esthetician will tell you to stay away from the coconut evil, too. Check out this blogger's post about how crazy coconut oil ruined her face but changed her life, in case you don't believe how bad the cystic acne can get. Aside: I read the blog post from the link, and I can't imagine putting my social life on hold, and the blogger's positive outlook on life is endearing!

Because I'm very obviously biased in this article, I've also included another article that explores both sides of the topic a lot more thoroughly right here.

How to deal with leaving your beloved coconut oil: look for moisturizers and oils that are "non-comedogenic", or consider washing your face with fewer drug-store brand or "oil free" cleansers: they'll only strip your skin's natural sebum! Try an oil cleanser sans coconut oil (sounds crazy, but it pulls dirt and oil off really well without mucking with your skin's pH!) or a mild facial soap. Not trying to brag, but we like our Pink Clay & Rosewater Facial Bar for sensitive skin. There are some great moisturizing, non-pore clogging oils, like argan oil or jojoba oil that you can look for on your product labels.

Grumpy cat implores you to leave the coconut oil behind! 

You can also listen to The Avalanches Frontier Psychiatry to feel better about leaving the coco fever behind.


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