A Naked Kitty Co by Any Other Name (Why We Dropped the "Naturals")

We've decided to go ahead and drop the "Naturals" from our name.


A few simple reasons. First of all, it's a mouthful! Most people refer to us as "Naked Kitty" anyway. Let's keep it simple!

The second, and this is our big reason, is that we have a few qualms with the word "natural" in the cosmetic world. The term is so largely unregulated and often misunderstood. 

For some, "natural" products mean that they're ineffective. For others, it means they're "preservative-free" or "chemical-free". Newsflash! Everything is made of chemicals. You're made of chemicals, your dog's made of chemicals, your butter, coffee, you name it. CHEMICALS ARE EVERYWHERE!


We also get some folks that think "natural" means fewer ingredients, or that fewer ingredients are better (not always the case). 

It's time-consuming to explain why natural isn't always better (like come on, let's get our immunizations but also peppermint tea and chicken soup are great when you've got a cold), and that safety should be what you look for first.

The word "natural" in the world of cosmetics and personal care is so unregulated that your safety is at risk by falling for a marketing ploy. 

The nutshell version is that calling our products "natural" doesn't do them justice and that we aren't interested anymore in using it as a marketing tactic; which is really all it is to a lot of formulators in the industry.

My priority as a cosmetic formulator is safety, above all. We use ingredients that are effective and choose our ingredients thoughtfully, making sure to preserve them so they don't go moldy on you. Did you know we sanitize all of our equipment and glass containers? It's so they aren't a hospitable environment for bacteria. We don't want narsty bacteria growing in your cosmetics.

The definition of "natural": head over to your nearest tree and admire its leaves. The tree is in its natural state. Every ingredient we use is an extract, processed, or manipulated to become the raw ingredient that you see on the label. It's not in its natural state at all. 

The definition that we were taught in our formulation course was that natural ingredients are often partially synthesized in a lab, and chemically altered by esterification, alkylation, and hydrogenation (yes, like margarine). Natural doesn't mean it never set foot in a lab. Natural ingredients, according to the definition of my formulation course, are not extracted with chemical solvents like hexane, and are not chemically altered by ethoxylation and propoxylation.

Broad-spectrum natural preservatives don't work as well as the "unnatural" ones. Since we use such a tiny amount (0.5-1% preservative in most products), we don't risk it and use the "hard" stuff. 

But what about how careful you're being about only putting on your body what you can eat? Well, the truth is that even your apples from the grocery store are lightly coated in a preservative to keep them looking radiant when they get to you. 

Your skin is so much more complex than most people understand, and what you put on it often does not, I repeat DOES NOT, go directly into your bloodstream in 30 seconds like that mommy blog told you it does. It probably won't go past your stratum corneum, (or the very outer layers of skin that are constantly sloughing off) unless it's prescribed and handed to you from behind a pharmacy counter.

TL;DR, the word "naturals" wasn't serving us anymore. We were limited by it and see so much potential in dropping it altogether in favour of "Co." Because that's what we are! A company of awesome humans and awesome naked cats.

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