7 Amazing Ingredients We Love to Use in our Products

If you use a lot of our products already, (and even if  you don't) you may have noticed we have a few favourite ingredients that are used often in NKN products. There is never enough time in person to sing their praises, so I've written a post about it! Here's a blurb on each ingredient, why we love it and what it's used for:

(1) Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp seed oil is all around amazing. It has a comedogenic rating of 0, meaning it won't clog those precious pores, works wonders on acne-prone, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. This oil is composed of roughly 60% linoleic acid, which is a lifesaver for controlling sebum production and managing acne-prone skin. If your diet is lacking in linoleic acid, your sebum can become sticky, harden in your pores, and turn into blackheads, whiteheads, or acne lesions. Go ahead and incorporate hemp seed oil into your diet! Your skin will glow. This oil is used in both NKN facial moisturizers, in our salve (my sister-in-law uses the salve to keep my nephew's eczema at bay), and in our Tea Tree Oil Cleanser.

(2) Argan Oil. Fun fact: goats climb argan trees to eat the fruit! Like hemp seed oil, argan oil is also a non-comedogenic oil, will hydrate dry skin and won't grease up oily skin. Argan is rich in Vitamin A and E, is packed with antioxidants, and Omega-6 fatty acids: all integral to maintaining healthy skin and hair. Externally, Vitamin E is great for boosting cell production (hello anti-aging!). We use this oil in our facial moisturizers (Supernatural and Matcha Love), and in our After Midnight Serum.

 (3) Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca). This essential oil is so potent that we use less than 1% in all of our product dilutions. This versatile essential oil is commonly used in skincare products, as it's been proven as an effective acne remedy. It also has natural antiseptic properties, is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial (which is why we put it in all of our deodorants!). And you can use tea tree oil to banish head lice: 1,8-cineole and terpinen-4-ol that occur in tea tree oil have insecticidal properties which help kill head lice.

 (4) Rosehip Oil. Rosehip oil is a "dry oil" which makes it great in oil cleansers and serums so they don't feel greasy after you wash (see our Tea Tree Oil Cleanser and After Midnight Serum). It's non-comedogenic (can you tell we love non-comedogenic?), is high in Vitamin C, linoleic acid, and trans-retinoic acid. Rosehip oil's active trio penetrate skin deeply and stimulate collagen production in skin, making it an excellent natural wrinkle and scar repair remedy. The high Vitamin C content brightens complexions and fades ageing spots.

 (5) Activated Charcoal. Straight up carbon! Activated charcoal is "activated" is because it's heated to become porous. And no, this isn't your BBQ charcoal (please please please don't use BBQ charcoal on your skin!) One gram of activated charcoal has the surface area of 1/10 the size of a football field. AC's micro pores absorb toxins like nobody's business; it's used for supplementary poison treatment (but please: call poison control first!) and water filters. Activated charcoal continues to wow me.

But back to how you can use AC in personal care: with it, you can whiten your teeth naturally, and it works great as a zit remedy / spot treatment, or for dealing with acne-prone skin. Bottom line: it's a great detoxifier for skin, and makes for an awesome face mask.

(6) Aloe. It's an effective topical treatment for first and second degree burns, or most common sunburns. We use aloe in our body butters for this reason! One particular study proved that after eating aloe, facial wrinkles and facial elasticity improved. It's also great to eat if you're constipated...

(7) Bentonite Clay. Is one the most effective and powerful healing clays, and one of my favourite ingredients to use. When you combine it with water and use it as a mask (We've already done this for you with our Dark Matter Scrub + Mask!), the clay binds with bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin and within pores and magnetically pulls those toxins out. The electrical and molecular components of the clay change when it's hydrated. Using it regularly as a mask can help reduce acne outbreaks, combat blemishes and calm infections. It's also great for creating "slip" in shaving creams, or as an alternative to baby powder. It's also great in deodorant, since it sucks up excess sweat, and pulls out toxins to help you transition away from conventional drug store anti-perspirants.


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